Top Rated GoPro Handlebar Mount for Sports Action Cameras

Helmet sport action cameras have progressed massively because the time of mounting camcorders to helmets using a wide range of jury rigged mounts. Since those early days of maximum adventure sports, many have seen enormous advances in quality, mounting solutions and weight reduction. The current batch of helmet cameras are stronger, lightweight and flexible than ever.

GoPro Handlebar Mount

gopro handlebar mount

Helmet cameras all of us have a fundamental configuration: Camera and Digital Recording device.

The small camera portion of the GoPro Motorcycle Mount is the housing which senses images and relays each of them the recording device. These cameras are themselves composed of an image capturing chip named an “Image Sensor”. The most typical image sensors are CMOS and CCD. CMOS which happens to be the oldest and also provides lower quality images. These are seen a wide range of gadgets including spy equipment, car cameras, photo cameras. They’re produced in massive quantities very cheaply in China based factories. The CCD chip is other advanced and provides prime quality resolution. These chips are employed widely from surveillance cameras to NASA imaging technology.

Both CMOS and CCD chips are utilized in helmet cameras which greatly affect quality and lighting of the resulting video.

The Digital Recording device records images emanating from the camera and translates these images to digital video that can be edited and viewed by hottest video playback and editing software. The resolution of the film is dependent upon the nature of the digital camera used and also digital recorder. Resolutions that can start from 640×320 (640 Horizontal lines by 320 vertical lines) to HD quality 1920 x 1080 resolution.

HD resolution provides excellent quality video but creates very large video files which eat up computer disk space This reduces modifying, most famous for web based video similar to YouTube. For internet based video sites, it’s in an easier way to use a lower resolution video format. Consequently, longer videos and straightforward editing are manufactured possible. This process makes sense where quality isn’t an issue.

Digital video footage technology has followed the rest of electronics in miniaturization. These advances have allowed high-definition (HD) quality video it really does not have to be recorded to smaller and smaller media. The commonest storage media are SD cards which range in proportion is due to a 2 Gb to 64 Gb for many GoPro helmet mount camera kits. This translates to long periods of time of top quality video which can be later edited with popular modifying tools. This empowers users to develop professional level video in just minutes. Using popular online video sites corresponding to YouTube, video can be easily uploaded and presented into a worldwide audience with the press of a mouse.

There are a number of helmet camera systems available on the market today, varying in price from 40 Dollars to as much as 400 dollars. Manufacturers corresponding to Contour, Adrenaline Systems, GoPro, Drift, VIO-Sport compete to provide some is probably the most advanced systems yet. With most mounting solutions, resolution, and profiles, these helmet camera systems enable extreme video be carried out for just about any sport or activity imaginable. Covered in a large number of kits are specialized mounting devices. These mounts are purposed for car, motorcycle, planes, helmets, GoPro bike mount, snow mobiles, ATV and any human body part imaginable.

The advances in portable digital recording technology in combination with specialized sports digicams make possible an infinite universe of maximum video across the internet. Thousands of amateur adventurers became extreme documentarians and film makers for some dollars!