How to Fix a Garbage Disposal When It Is Not Working

There are a variety of problems you may encounter when trying to figure out the real problem with your garbage disposal. Perhaps the flywheel is not turning, you can only hear a humming sound, or no sound at all when switching it on. These are problems that you will be able to fix yourself with a few tricks and tips. Take into consideration, the cardinal rule of fixing a garbage disposal. You NEVER put your hands straight into the disposal hopper. Now so far, let’s decide what is wrong together with your disposal.

How to Fix a Garbage Disposal

how to fix a garbage disposal

What if your garbage disposal won’t turn on. Check and ensure your disposal is plugged in. If it IS plugged in and it continues to doesn’t activate, try hitting the reset button and check if that works. Next step would be to check the circuit breaker and see if which has been tripped. If these don’t fix the issue, maybe you’ve a faulty switch or faulty disposal. Before you do anything, you will have to shut down the circuit breaker as well as the disposal and ensure the facility switch is in the off position. You may need to exchange the switch. Turn everything back on and see if this solves your problem.

Another common challenge with garbage disposals is that it is leaking. This can happen at many alternative zones of the rubbish disposal and you’ll need to assess in which the leak is coming out of before being allowed Read more